Fresh Coast 2018 is coming up in July 2018, and we are looking for our annual sponsors to join us and help us bring back this great event!

Fresh Coast is looking for partners to help grow this festival. With partnerships we can plan long term and we can really work more closely to get the results we are all looking for, both for our selves and for the community as a whole.

We will be able to transform this festival into everything it needs to be to keep the community fully engaged and begging for more, while bringing people from all over the world to compete and enjoy what Kelowna has to offer. If you are interested in becoming a partner submit your information below and we will contact you at our earliest convenience and see how we can work together!

We are here to make a difference in the lives of the community, especially so with the youth. With your help we can make all of this a reality giving the youth a event to showcase what they have learnt, to compete and experience a little bit of competition, as well as learn and be inspired by the older generations that we bring in from all around the country and soon to be the world. We can make something remarkable here with the help and support of all of you in our community.