Welcome to Fresh Coast!

Each summer for the past three years have brought people from all over British Columbia together here in Kelowna for this annual event. We are striving to get people from all over Canada, the USA, and the rest of the world to come out and experience Kelowna and this event in its infancy and help it develop into adulthood as a wise, educational, fun, and qualitative event.

This is a festival to inspire dance, music, art, photography, filmmaking, spoken word, and other forms of expression as we grow through the different stages in life through the Hip Hop culture. There will be local foods and local vendors to give this the complete festival feeling and is located at City Park right by the beach of downtown Kelowna.

Come and enjoy this exchange of culture from the classic sounds of Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, to the future sounds of tomorrow.

About LMNO Productions

LMNO Production is here to bring you and your future generations the healthy entertainment that is needed in the community. We provide fun for all ages and all cultures to experience something new and vibrant. Using the mediums of many forms of expressions to connect one another into creating a great atmosphere and environment for the future generations to grow and learn from.


Contact Fresh Coast

We are always looking to value driven partners and sponsors and we welcome feedback and ideas from the community.