Fresh Coast 2018
Festival information

July 21st – July 22nd

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada




General rules at festival locations

– Festival wristbands must be worn by competitors
– Be respectful towards other festival visitors
– Be respectful towards the festival staff and volunteers
– There is no alcohol permitted at the festival.


Forbidden at Fresh Coast

Drones, Drugs, Fireworks, Flyers, Knives, Laser pointers, Posters, Promotional materials, Professional cameras and Weapons of any kind.

Allowed at Fresh Coast

Backpacks, dancing shoes, digital & film cameras (non-pro), fanny packs, flags, go-pros, hats, inflatables.



Cameras & photography

Photographing for publication (be it print, digital or any other professional context) is not allowed without authorization from the festival.

Photographing and filming for private use is allowed.


Selling Merchandise

It is not permitted to sell goods or merchandise without prior agreement. Please contact [email protected]


It is also not permitted to put up posters or advertise inside the festival locations without prior permission. Please contact [email protected]


Culture Market

We have a culture market. For a booth at the culture market. Please contact [email protected]




Everyone wins. This year Fresh Coast will be completely free to experience thanks to LMNO Production & partners.


Ticket Desk

Opening hours TBA

Wristbands for competitors

Upon arrival make your way to the Fresh Coast Booth to confirm your registration and receive your wristband.


All ages

Fresh Coast is all ages.



ATM / Credit Cards / Payments

There are many ATM’s located around the festival area. Located central downtown Kelowna there are small stores, cafes, banks located within 5 minutes walking distance.


First Aid

There will be a volunteer two-man first aid team on site.



Toilets are located at the festival location.

Festival Information Desk

For questions go to the Fresh Coast information booth.


Lost and Found Desk

For lost and found items go to the LMNO Production Booth. Put your contact info visible on phone, wallet, bags, or other valuables.

If you’ve lost any of your belongings, please email [email protected] to see if we’ve found them!




A place to stay

We have a few hotels, hostels, and bed & breakfast in the area:

  • Hotel Zed
  • The Royal Anne
  • Prestige Inn
  • Delta Hotels
  • Samesun Kelowna
  • Chesterfield Inn
  • McTavish B&B
  • At The Beach B&B
  • And more!


Bus from airport

– Bus 23 to UBCO transfer to bus 97 to downtown Kelowna.



Competition registration

There is online pre-registration to participate in activities at Fresh Coast Festival.
Registration for dance battles & workshops are $25 for the Battle and $25 per 1.5 hour workshop, $20 in advance online or by eTransfer.
Registration for dance battles and workshops start May 1st, 2018. Workshops will take place on the July 20th, location to be determined.




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